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Moscow (ready to move)

Male, 30 years

Citizenship: Russia

Work experience

4 years 5 months

December 2014 — May 2019

Head of regional representation

General Aviation magazine (СМИ, Журнал, интернет-издание), Ufa

Analysis of the market for the provision of printing services, collection and processing of statistical data, identification of customer needs and work with them. Writing articles for the magazine. Visiting exhibitions in the field of General aviation. Communication with various firms in the field of general aviation and billing for payment.

3 years

July 2013 — July 2016

Locksmith for instrumentation and automation

ООО "Башкирская генерирующая компания" (Производство), Уфа

Removal, installation, maintenance, washing, cleaning of parts, replacement and minor repairs of instrumentation.
Current work, work with temperature sensors: resistance thermometers, thermocouples. Calibration, repair, maintenance of secondary metering devices. Maintenance of boiler and turbine equipment. Work with means of physical and chemical measurements and analysis: conductometers, pH-meters, solemers, oxygen meters, AKG-RK. Installation and dismantling of communication lines.
Compliance with the requirements for the use of equipment, diagnostic tools, instrumentation and tools.

Licenses and certificates

ICAO English Level 4 in progress


Secondary special education

2019 г.

Omsk flying-technical college of Civil Aviation, Omsk

Faculty Flight operation of aircraft

Specialization Commercial pilot of Helicopter


2011 г.

Ural State university of Physical Culture, Ufa

Faculty Service and tourism

Specialization Specialist for service and tourism

Knowledge of foreign

English (Medium)

French (Basic)

Computer knowledge:

Advanced user

Computer skills at the level of advanced user, knowledge of office equipment. Knowledge of MS Office

Driver licence:

Categories B (2009 г.)

 Key skills and achievements:

Organizational skills, energy, sociability, goodwill, quick learning, commitment.
English ICAO LEVEL IV in progress.
A graduate of the College of Civil aviation, foreman of the group. The average score for all subjects studied in College is 5.0

 Your hobbies:

Aviation, Paragliding, rock climbing, tourism..

 Other information about yourself, comments:

Medical conclusion 1 class.
Exhaust type: Mi-8T helicopter (Eurocopter AS350 B2 light helicopter)
Ready to retrain for any type including aircraft.
Protected final qualifying work on the topic: Analysis of flight operation and safety of mi-8 helicopter in conditions of intense turbulence and precipitation on landing.

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