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Вакансии пилотов а/к Азимут
Vacancy №1379      Last updated 31 May 2018
salary by agreement
Moscow (available for the candidates from other cities)
Contract / Freelance
Work experience over 3 years

Company is currently seeking an Aircraft sheet metal technician to join team in Czechia

Job description:

Sheet Metal Shop Worker is a qualified specialist responsible for performing sheet metal structural repairs on aircrafts and aircraft components.

Job Responsibilities:

To perform all tasks as described in position specification – Sheet Metal Shop Worker II.

To perform aircraft maintenance tasks in accordance with proper maintenance manuals.

To confirm performed work with personal signature and stamp.

Other activities within the scope of agreed type of work as required by superior employee.



-Practice with sheet metal work on aircraft

-English language

-Knowledge of technical drawings in engineering and metalworking. Good knowledge of metals and alloys and their properties, composition and half-products together with their parameters (dimensions, surface finish quality etc.). Knowledge of sheet metal technologies, EASA Part 145 regulations, aircraft maintenance environment, maintenance documentation (SRM) for specified aircraft type. Knowledge of MS Office software and English language both written and spoken.

-Sketching parts and half products using measuring and drawing tools. Using tools for cutting, bending, curving and forming metal sheets and profiles. Inspecting and testing pneumatic tools. Measuring dimensions, geometrical shapes, positioning of components relative to each other. Measuring surfaces of forms and cores, surface finish quality. Mating metal components including compensation after welding.

-Ability to work with attention to detail, spacial imagination, structural and spacial memory. Ability to think about theoretical and practical aspects of performed tasks, keeping focused on assigned work. Ability to work both individually and as a member of team, taking responsibility for performed work. Ability to work under pressure, carefulness and flexibility.


Main Benefits:

-  Accommodation (Czechia)

-  2 return flights home per year

-  Food benefits

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salary by agreement

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